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We're passionate about delivering a total awesome culinary experience
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The Name/Backstory

Haraya is an old Tagalog word for “Vision and Imagination”. It aptly represents our corporate conviction that a powerful vision combined with unfettered imagination are the primary ingredients for excellence in any field of endeavour.

Our founders’ experiences as a recipient of goods and services across the world indicate that customer satisfaction remains largely elusive as organizations strive to meet the burden of growth and profitability, often at its expense. There remains is (to a large extent) a huge gap between the promise made and the experience delivered be it in hospitality, construction, fashion, education, healthcare, etc. This apparent disparity and the exigent need to do something about it is what led to the founding of Haraya. Our existence is premised on a resolve to bridge this gap by keenly focusing resources primarily on meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. As an organization in business, we set out to re-imagine value delivery and pivot our activities around it, to ultimately demonstrate that profitability and customer satisfaction are not mutually exclusive.

Who We Are

Haraya Restaurant & Café (Haraya RC) is a unique fine-dining restaurant in the heart of Nigeria's capital city - Abuja. All week long we are open to our elegant customers, serving mainly continental dishes & a selection of local dishes. We also deliver to all locations within Abuja city.

The Haraya Restaurant & Cafe brand is fully focused on availing diners in Nigeria a totally awesome experience: from the content, quality and taste of our meals, the ambience and homeliness our environment provides, the excellent, attentive tendering whilst in our space, to the finest details of appropriate music, smell, tailored services, and genuine interest in their every dining need & concern.

We also have the perfect, value-for-money spaces for your breakfast meetings, workshops & conferences!

What We Do

At Haraya we offer products and services in the hospitality industry such as:

Fine Dining Restaurant (Walk-in or Private)
Coffee, Tea & Snacks Cafe
Online Food Delivery
Meetings and Workshop Space
Events Catering
Corporate Account

Below are our key people:

"When it comes to restaurants, Haraya clearly stands out as Abuja's latest sensation. Its quality of service is unparalleled and matches excellent global standards. Its beautiful ambiance and comfortable environment always guarantee a unique dining experience. To fully appreciate the remarkable richness and variety of Haraya's affordable cuisine and drinks, one has to pay a visit to the restaurant. Your first visit will certainly not be your last. But Haraya is not just an eating and drinking spot. With the availability of hi-tech information technology systems, it offers the finest spaces for professional meetings, business transactions and social events. It is also the go-to place if you need a quiet place to work while snacking on something or sipping a drink. Because Haraya always delivers absolute satisfaction, I remain one of its proudest and regular customers!"
- Philip Effiong (Google Reviews) -
"We really enjoyed the quality of food service was good and ambiance of the restaurant is excellent !"
- Anita Kharat (Google Reviews) -
"The food,service and atmosphere is top-notch. The view just adds the cherry on top"
- Edith Uzodike (Google Reviews) -
"The food,service and atmosphere is top-notch. The view just adds the cherry on top"
- Anju Hathiramani (Google Reviews) -
"Kid-friendliness: With the garden and the architecture, I would judge this place to be very kid-friendly. Parking: Safe, off-the-road parking, owned and managed by the restaurant"
- Toluwalase Owoyeye (Google Reviews) -

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